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Intro : Am   C   Em  (2x)
We were  Am  just about to lose our home
 C Diamonds ate the rad Em  io
 Am Moving in the dead of ni C ght  Em 
We took  Am  photographs, just some just so
His C tory has some to k Em  now
We were  Am moving at the speed of fli C ght,  Em  kids cry
 Am   If you, want to, C  that's al Em  right
 Am   If you, want to, C  hold me
 Em   Hold me  F tight  G      Em 
Just an ali F en   G      Am 
We were  Am  hovering without a home
 C Millions are UF Em  O
 Am Hovering in hope some scope toni C ght,  Em  sees the light and says
 Am   Fly if you, want to, C  that's al Em  right
 Am   But if you, want to, C  call me
 Em   Call this  F line  G      Em 
Just an ali F en   G      Am 
Just an ali F en   G      Em 
Oh, we  F just want to  G get home ag Am  ain
 Am    Tell your leader, sir or ma'am
 C   We come in peace Em  , we mean no harm
 Am    Somewhere out there, in the unknown
 C   All the E.T.'s Am  , are phoning home
 F Watching my li G fe,  Em  on the skyline
 F Crossing your ey G es,  Am  for a lifetime
Just an ali F en,  G - ta Em  rget movement
(moving target)
A  F patch, a corner G , of Am  the spacetime
Just an ali F en,  G - tu Em  rning pages
(turning toward it)
 F Over Asia G , cr Am  ossing ages
Just an ali F en   G      Em 
Oh, we  F just want to  G get home ag Am  ain
 F   G   Em 
 F   G   Am 


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