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Intro :         (2x)
We were   just about to lose our home
  Diamonds ate the rad  io
  Moving in the dead of ni  ght   
We took   photographs, just some just so
His  tory has some to k  now
We were   moving at the speed of fli  ght,   kids cry
    If you, want to,   that's al  right
    If you, want to,   hold me
    Hold me   tight         
Just an ali  en          
We were   hovering without a home
  Millions are UF  O
  Hovering in hope some scope toni  ght,   sees the light and says
    Fly if you, want to,   that's al  right
    But if you, want to,   call me
    Call this   line         
Just an ali  en          
Just an ali  en          
Oh, we   just want to   get home ag  ain
    Tell your leader, sir or ma'am
    We come in peace  , we mean no harm
    Somewhere out there, in the unknown
    All the E.T.'s  , are phoning home
  Watching my li  fe,   on the skyline
  Crossing your ey  es,   for a lifetime
Just an ali  en,   - ta  rget movement
(moving target)
A   patch, a corner  , of   the spacetime
Just an ali  en,   - tu  rning pages
(turning toward it)
  Over Asia  , cr  ossing ages
Just an ali  en          
Oh, we   just want to   get home ag  ain


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