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 C Cast away t Am he shadows of you Em  r heart
 C If you're a Am lways aiming for  Em  a better part
 C In this pla Am y that punctuates Em  your life, your goals
 Am7 You think you know, you C(sus4)  're down below
 C And you've  Am kept your distanc Em  es from me
 C Carried on  Am with all your fea Em  rs that set you free
 C But at nigh Am t you change into Em  the darkest swan
 Am7 With all its fears, you C(sus4)  've come undone
 C And I don't know  Am if you've been hurt be G  fore
 C And all the scars Am  your bare are from a  G  previous war
 C But if it's fear  Am of love that keeps you G  out of open arms
 C Then I will leave Am  the lights on any tra G  il to come
 Am7 And you will find  C(sus4) your way in any given G  storm
 C I remember  Am walking you to he Em  ll
 C When you as Am ked the man for o Em  ne last mission bell
 C And I follo Am wed until the dar Em  kness came
 Am7 I felt so lost, you were  C(sus4)  my cause
 C So I'll ask Am  again and again  Em 
 C Why the cou Am rage left when yo Em  u numbed the pain
 C Was I ever  Am part of what you  Em  called your plan
 Am7 I felt so lost that I left your c C(sus4)  ause


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