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Capo IV
Tonalité :
  • D
  • E♭
  • E
  • F
  • G♭
  • G
  • A♭
  • A
  • B♭
  • B
  • C
  • D♭
  • D
Fmaj7     : x33210
E7(b9)/G# : 4x3400
Am(maj7)  : x02110
Am7       : x02010
Am6       : x04210
     When th  e snow fades in the su  n     
     When my b  eard is turning w  hite
    In the   garden with my son          
    Chasing a  fter butterflies  
I   can feel you   close (in the shape of a   tree)c
I can feel you c  lose (in the flight of a   bee)
And it makes me s  mile
When once in a whil  e
You come and say   hi    
    When I l  and upon my f  eet   
    When grand  ma's on the phone  
    When I l  et somebody w  in    
    When I go   to     
I   can feel you   close (in a day at the se  a)
I can feel you c  lose (in the late summer   heat)
And it makes me s  mile
When once in a wh  ile
You come and say   hi     


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