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C  ity of stars
    Are you shining just f  or me?
C  ity of stars
    There's so much that I ca  n't see
Who k  nows?
    I felt it from the first embra  ce
I shared with y  ou
That no  w our dre  ams
They've finally come t  rue
C  ity of stars
    Just one thing everybody   wants
T  here in the bars
A  nd through the smokescreen of the cr  owded restaurants
It's lo  ve    
Yes all we're looking for is l  ove f  rom
someone e  lse
A r  ush a glance
A t  ouch a dance
A l  ook in somebody's e  yes
To light up the sk  ies
To open the w  orld and send it reeling
A vo  ice that says I'll be h  ere
And you'll be a  lright         
I   don't care if I k  now
Just where I will g  o
'Cause all that I n  eed's this crazy feeling
A ra  t-tat-tat on my h  eart
Think I want it to s  tay
C  ity of stars
      Are you shining just for   me?
C  ity of stars
      You never shined so brightly     


Guitare1958, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2022-09-30
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