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Paroles et musique :Chuck Berry
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 A7  Just let me hear some of that...
 D  Rock and roll music
Any old way you choose it
It's got a  G  back beat, you can't lose it
 D  Any old time you use it
It's  A7  gotta be rock and roll music
If you wanna dance with  D  me
 A7 If you wanna dance with  D  me
I have no kick against  A  modern jazz
 A7 Unless you try to play it  D  too darn fast
I lose the beauty of a  G  melody
Until it sounds just like a  A7  symphony
That's why I go for that...
I took my love on over ' A  cross the tracks
 A7 So she could hear a man a- D  wailin'sax
I must admit they had a rockin'b G  and
And they were blowin'like a h A7  urrican'
That's why I go for that...
Way down south they gave  A  a jubilee
 A7 And Georgia folks, they had a  D  jamboree
They're drinkin'home brew from a w G  ooden cup
The folks dancin'got all shook u A7  p
And started playin'that...
Don't get to hear 'em play  A  a tango
 A7 I'm in no mood to take a  D  mambo
It's way too early for the  G  congo
So keep on rockin't A7  hat piano
So I can hear some of that...


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