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There'  s an old rockin' chair castin'   memories everywhere   
On that old home porch across from Tipple's s  tore.
Y  ou can see where the arm is worn
Where m  y granddaddy rested his a  rm
In that old rockin' c  hair that don't rock no m  ore.
I  f the rockin' chair could read the t  houghts from people's minds
Oh the stories it would tell time after t  ime.
S  tories others never hear.
Of the t  hought s one holds so d  ear.
Oh how I wish I could've r  ead my grandpa's m  ind.
I   was horn in a broken home I w  as blinded by things gone w  rong.
I had no vision of what the future held in s  tore.
J  ust a baby barely three
When m  y granddaddy came to m  e
To rock me in the rockin' c  hair that don't rock no m  ore.
G  randdaddy lived the Christian way truth and g  oodness he portr  ayed.
He loved to gather his thoughts as he rocked on the hardwood p  orch.
Y  es he loved to sit and rock.
Payin' n  o attention to the time on the c  lock.
And rocked me in the rockin' c  hair that don't rock no m  ore.


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