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Paroles et musique :Cat Steven
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She ha  ngs her head and cries in my shir  t     
  She mus  t be hur  t very bad  ly    
Tell me what's ma  king you sa  d_ly   
  Open your   door don't   hide in the d  ark
You're lo  st in the da  rk you can tr  ust me  
Cause you know tha  t's how it mu  st be  
  Lisa, Li  sa, sad   Lisa, L  isa
Her e  yes like windows trickeling ra  in          
  Upon her p  ain getting d  eepe  r
Though my love wan  ts to reli  eve h  er
  She walks al  one from wa  ll to w  all
  Lost in a   hall she can't h  ear m  e
Though I know sh  e likes to be ne  ar me  
  Lisa, Li  sa, sad   Lisa, L  isa
She s  its in A corner by the doo  r     
There mu  st be mo  re I can tel  l he  r
If she really wan  ts me to he  lp her  
I'll d  o what I ca  n to sho  w her the wa  y
And may  be one d  ay I will fre  e he  r
Though I know no o  ne can se  e her  
  Lisa, Li  sa, sad   Lisa, L  isa


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 1998-04-20
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