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Paroles et musique :Cat Steven
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Intro :           
It's not ti  me to make a ch  ange, just rel  ax take it e  asy.
You're still yo  ung, that's your fa  ult, there's so m  uch you have to kn  ow.
Find a g  irl, settle do  wn. If you wan  t, you can m  arry.
Look at m  e, I am o  ld, but I'm ha  ppy.      
I was o  nce like you are n  ow, and I kn  ow that it's not e  asy
to be c  alm when you've fo  und something's go  ing on.     
But take your t  ime, think a l  ot, think of ever  ything you've got.   
For you will st  ill be here tomor  row, but your d  reams may   not.               
How can   I try to expl  ain  when I do   he turns away a  gain.
It's   always been the s  ame same old sto  ry.       
From the m  oment I could ta  lk, I was or  dered to list  en.
Now there's a w  ay and I k  now that I h  ave to g  o away.
I kn  ow I h  ave to g  o.                   
It's not t  ime to make a cha  nge
Just sit d  own, take it s  lowly
You're still yo  ung, that's your f  ault.
There's so m  uch you have to go   through.
Find a g  irl, settle   down. If you w  ant, you can ma  rry.
Look at m  e, I am o  ld but I'm ha  ppy.              
All the t  ime that I've cr  ied
Keeping al  l the things I kn  ew inside
It's h  ard, but it's h  arder to ign  ore it     
If they we  re right I'd agr  ee but it's th  en they know not m  e.
Now there's a w  ay, and I kn  ow that I h  ave to   go away.
I kn  ow, I h  ave to g  o.


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