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When you're down Em  and troubl B7 ed and you need some Em  lovin'care   B7         Em 
And no Am thing, n D othing is going right G 
 F#m Close your eyes and thi B7 nk of me and soon I Em  will b B7 e there  Em 
To b Am righten up ev D en your darkest nights Am 
You just ca G ll out my name, and you know, whe C  rever I am,
I come ru G nning to see you again Am         D7 
 G Winter spring summer or fall,  G7 all y C ou got to do is call    Am 
And I'll b C e there, yes I wil Am  l
 A You've got a fri G  end
If the  Em sky a B7 bove you grows dark Em  and full o B7 f cloud Em  s
And th A at old north win D d begins to blow   G 
 F#m Keep your head to B7 gheter, and call Em  my name B7  out loud   Em 
 Am Soon you'll hear me kn D ocking at your door   Am 
 F Now ain't it good to know that you've  C  got a friend
When peo G ple can be so cold    G7 
The'll h C urt you, yes and dese Fm rt you and take y Em our soul if you let them Am7 
But d A7 on't you let the D  m
 A You've got a fr G iend. You D 've got a friend Em 


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Dernière modification : 2006-09-24
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