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  Nobody doe  s it be   tter
  Makes me fee  l sad for the rest  
  Nobody doe  s it ha  lf as good as you            
  Baby you're the bes   t
  I wasn't looki  ng, but som  ehow you found m   e
  I tried to   hide from yo  ur love ligh   t
  But like heaven   above me
  The spy who love   d me
Is   keeping all my se  crets safe toni   ght.
And no  body does   it better   
  Though sometimes I wish s  omeone could      
  Nobody doe  s it quite   the way you do               
  Why d'you have to be so good ?  
  The way that you hold   me, whenev  er you hold me    
  There's some kind of magic   inside yo  u      
  That keeps me from runni   ng
  But just keep it com   ing
  How d'you learn to do t  he things you do ?     
An  d nobody does   it better   
  Makes me feel sad   for the rest   
  Nobody doe  s it half as   good as you   
   Baby baby
  Baby you're the bes   t


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2006-09-28
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