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Paroles et musique :Carly E Simon
Tonalité :
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  • D♭
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Intro :                 
      I'm home again in my   old narrow bed                 
      Where I grew tall and my fe  et hung over the end
      The low beam room with the   window looking   out
On the   soft summer    garden
Where the  (224420)boys,      gr (242320)ew in the tree (x20200)s
        Here I grew guilty a  nd    n  o one was at fault                
        Frightened by the power in e  very innocent thought                 
And the   silent  under  standing passing   down
From   daughter to d  aughter
Let the  (224420)boys,      gr (242320)ew in the tree (x20200)s
        Do you go to them, o  r do you l  et them come to you               
        Do you stand in back, a  fraid that you'll intrude
De  ny yourself and   hope someone will   see
And   live like a   flower
While the  (224420)boys,      gr (244320)ow in the tree (x20200)s
  La, la,      la, la,    laaaaaaaaa (la,la,la,la,la  )          
  La,la,la,la,    la,          la,la,la,la,  la    (la,la,la,la,la)
La,la  ,la,la,la,la      la,    la,la
Last night I slept in   sheets the color of fir  e          
To  night I lie alone again and I cu  rse my own desires              
Sen  tenced first to   burn and then to   freeze
And   watch by the    window
Wherethe  (224420)boys,      gr (242320)ew in the tree (x20200)s
The b (224420)oys            (242320) grew  in the  (x20200)trees (boys in th (x20200)    e tree...   
Accords :
Bm7      : X20202
Bm7/4    : X20200
D6/F#    : 200202
E9/4     : X77777
F#m7(b5) : 202210
Gmaj7    : 320002
Gmaj7/F# : 220002
G(sus4)  : 330003


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