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Paroles et musique :Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus
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I don't want to ta  lk
About the things we've g  one through
Though it's hurting   me
Now it's histor  y
I've played all my c  ards
And that's what you've d  one too
Nothing more to   say
No more ace to p  lay
The winner takes it a  ll   
The loser standing sm  all   
Beside the victo  ry
That's her dest  iny
I was in your a  rms
Thinking I belo  nged there
I figured it made s  ense
Building me a f  ence
Building me a h  ome
Thinking I'd be s  trong there
But I was a f  ool
Playing by the r  ules
The gods may throw a d  ice  
Their minds as cold as i  ce    
And someone way d  own here
Loses someone   dear
The winner takes it a  ll   
The loser has to f  all   
It's simple and it's p  lain
Why should I compl  ain
I don't want to t  alk
If it makes you f  eel sad
And I underst  and
You've come to shake my h  and
I apologi  ze
If it makes you f  eel bad
Seeing me so t  ense
No self-c  onfidence
The judges will d  ecid  e
The likes of me a  bide  
Spectators of the s  how
Always staying l  ow
The game is on a  gain  
A lover or a f  riend  
A big thing or a   small
The winner takes it a  ll
The winner takes it al  l    
mmmmh mmm  mmh   
The winner takes it a  ll
The winner takes it a  ll     


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