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Paroles :W Auden
Musique :Bruni Carla
Capo I
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Intro :   
   Lady weeping at the cro  ssroads
    Would you meet your lo  ve
   In tw  ilight with his gr  eyhounds   
   And the ha  wk upon his glo  ve?    
   Bribe the bird then on the bra  nches
    Bribe them to be du  mb
   Stare the h  ot sun out of he  aven   
   That the n  ight may co  me.
    Starless a  re the nights of tr  avel
Bleak the winter wi  nd;
Run with te  rror all befo  re you
And regret behi  nd.
Run unti  l  you hear the o  cean's
Everlasting cr  y;
Deep though i  t may be and bi  tter
You must drink it d  ry
Drink it dr  y
Wear out patience in the lowest
Dungeons of the sea
Searching through the stranded shipwrecks
For the golden key
Push on to the world's end pay the
Dread guard with a kiss
Cross the rotten bridge that totters
Over the abyss.
There stands the deserted castle
Ready to explore;
Enter climb the marble staircase
Open the locked door.
Cross the silent empty ballroom
Doubt and anger past;
Blow the cobwebs from the mirror
See yourself at last.
Put your hand behind the wainscot
You have done your part;
Find the penknife there and plunge it
Into your false heart


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