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Intro : Am   Dm   G   C   F   B   E   E7 
At f Am  irst I was afraid
I was p Dm  etrified
Kept thinkin'I G  could never live without you by C  my side
But then I s F  pent so many nights
Thinkin'ho B  w you did me wrong
And I grew str E  ong
I learned  E7  how to get along
And so y Am ou're back from outer s Dm  pace
I just walk G ed in to find you here with that sad C  look upon your face
I should have ch F  anged that stupid lock
I would have m B  ade you leave your key
If I'd have  E known for just one second you'd be b E7  ack to bother me
Go  Am on now, go walk out the d Dm  oor
Just turn aro G  und now
You're not w C  elcome anymore
Weren't you the  F one who tried to hurt me with goodby B  e
Did I cr E  umble
Did you think I'd l E7  ay down and die ?
Oh  Am  no not I
I will sur Dm  vive
Oh, as l G ong as I know how to love I kn C  ow I'll stay alive
I've got a F  ll my life to live
I've got a B  ll my love to give
And I'll surv E  ive
I will sur E7  vive
Hey h Am ey     Dm        G       C       F       B       E       E7 
It t Am ook all the strength I had n Dm  ot to fall apart
Kept trying'ha G rd to mend the pieces of my brok C  en heart
And I sp F  ent oh so many nights
Just feeling s B  orry for myself
I used to c E  ry
But now I h E7  old my head up high
And  Am  you see in me
Somebody n Dm  ew
I'm not that chai G ned up little person still in lo C  ve with you
And so you f F eel like droppin'in
And just exp B ect me to be free
But I'm sa E vin'all my lovin'for someone E7  who's lovin'me
 Am   Dm   G   C   F   B   E   E7 


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2004-07-01
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