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 C Oh,  Am thinking about all our youn G ger years
There was onl Dm y you and me,   Am 
We were youn Dm g and wild and free     G 
 C Now, no Am thing can take you away fro G m me
We've been down Dm  that road before    Am 
But that's o Dm ver now, you keep me comin'ba G ck for more
 F Baby you're all  G that I wan Am t
When you're lying C  here in my arms     F 
 F I'm finding it ha G rd to believe Am  we're in heave G n
 F And love is all G  that I nee Am d
And I fo C und it here in your heart  F 
 F It isn't too  G hard to s Am ee we're in he G aven
 C Oh, o Am nce in your life you find G  someone
Who will tur Dm n your world around  Am 
Bring you up  Dm when you're feeling down    G 
 C Yeah, n Am othing could change what you mean to me  G 
Oh there's lot Dm s that I could say Am 
But just h Dm old me now, 'cause our love wil G l light the way
 Dm I've been waiting for so lon F g
For s C omething to arri Am ve
For l Dm ove to come alon G g
 Dm Now our dreams are coming true     F 
Through the good C  times and the bad      Am 
 G Yeah, I'll be standing there by you


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2006-08-15
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