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Intro :         (2x)
You al  ways won, ev'ry time you placed a bet.         
You're st  ill damn good; no one's gotten to you yet  .      
  Ev'ry time, t  hey were sure they had you caug  ht,
  you were quicker than they t  hought.
Y  ou'd just turn your back and w  alk.
You al  ways said, the cards would never do you wrong.         
The t  rick you said, was never play the game too long  .      
A g  ambler's share; the   only risk that you would take,  
The on  ly loss you could forsa  ke,
The on  ly bluff you couldn't fa  ke.
And you're still the s  ame.
I   caught up with you yesterda  y.
Movin'game to game  ; no one standin'in your way.    
Turnin'on the ch  arm - lon  g enough to get you by.    
You're still the   same. You still aim   high.
  There you stood; ev  'ry body watched play  .
  I just turned and walked aw  ay.
  I had nothing left to   say.
And you're still the s  ame.            
And you're still the s  ame.            
Movin'game to game  .               
Some things never cha  nge.            
And you're still the s  ame.             


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2006-09-24
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