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Paroles et musique :Robert Dylan
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  Oh my name it is   not  hin'my age   it mean l  ess               
The   country I c  ome from is ca  lled the Mid  west          
I's t (aug)ht and brought   up there   The laws to   abide         
And that land that I l  ive   in Has G  od on its   side.            
  Oh the history b  ook   tell it they   tell it so w  ell               
The   cavalries ch  arged and the   Indians f  ell           
The c  avalries c  harged and t  he Indians d  ied           
Oh the country was   young   with Go  d on its   side.            
  Oh the Spanish  -Amer  ican war   had its d  ay                
And   the Civil   War too was   soon laid a  way           
And t  he names of the h  eroes I w  as made to memo  rize          
With guns in their han  ds a  nd god o  n their s  ide.             
  The First World Wa  r, b  oys it clo  sed out its f  ate               
The   reason for f  ighting I nev  er got straig  ht            
But I   learned to accept   it, acce  pt it with pr  ide           
And you don't count t  he d  ead when   God's on y  our si  de.      
  But now we got w  eapo  ns of the ch  emical dus  t                 
If fi  re them we'  re forced to, th  en fire we m  ust           
One p  ush of the button   and shot t  he world wid  e             
And you never ask questi  ons   when Go  d's on his s  ide              
  In a many dark h  our   I've been t  hinkin'about t  his               
That   Jesus Ch  rist was be  trayed by a k  iss           
But I   can't think for y  ou, you'l  l have to deci  de            
Whether Judas Isca  riot,   had God   on his si  de.              
  So now as I'm l  eavin'  , I'm w  eary as he  ll                
The co  nfusion I'm f  eelin'ain't no   tongue can te  ll            
Who   words fill my   head and fa  ll to the fl  oor           
If God's on our side   he'  ll stop t  he next w  ar.              


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