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Paroles et musique :Robert Dylan
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 G Oh the time will come u Bm p when the wind C s will stop  G 
And the b Em reeze will ce C ase to be a-br G  eathin
Like the st G illness in the  Bm wind before the  C hurricane be G  gins,
The h G our that the  D ship comes  G  in
And the  Bm sea will sp C lit and the s G  hips will hit
And the  Bm sands on the sho C reline will be sh G  aking
And the  Bm tide will sound and the C  waves will G  pound
And the mo G rning will be  C a-br D eaki G  ng
 G Oh the fishes will  Bm l(aug)h as they  C swim out of th G  e path
And the s Em eagulls will C  be a-smili G  n'
And the r G ocks on the  Bm sand will  C proudly stan G  d
The  G hour that th D e ship comes  G  in
And the  Bm words that are u C sed for to get the ship co G  nfused
Will  Bm not be understo C od as they're sp G  oken
Oh the ch Bm ains of the sea will  C have busted in the G  night
And be bu G ried on th C e bottom o D f the oce G  an
 G A song wil Bm l lift as the m C ain sail shi G  fts
And the  Em boat drifts u C nto the shorel G  ine
And th G e sun will Bm  respect every  C face on the  G  deck
The hou G r that the D  ship comes G  in
And the  Bm sands will roll o C ut a carpet of g G  old
For your  Bm wearied to C es to be a-tou G  chin'
And the Bm  ship's wise men will re C mind you once a G  gain
That the  G whole wide  C world i D s watc G  hin'
 G Oh the foes will rise wit Bm h the sleep still C  in their eyes  G 
And they' Em ll jerk from their b C eds and think they're dre G  amin'
But the G y'll pinch Bm  themselv C es and squ G  eal
And the G y'll know that D  it's for r G  eal,
The  Bm hour that th C e ship comes  G  in
And they'l Bm l raise their hands,S C ayin'we'll meet all you deman G  ds
But we' Bm ll shout from the bow,Y C our days are num G  bered
And lik Bm e Pharoah's tribe they'l C l be drownded in t G  he tide
And like  G Goliath they'll C  be co D nquere G  d


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