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Paroles et musique :Bob Dylan
Capo III
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Intro : D   A/C#   C   G   Gm   D   E7   G/A   D 
 D When the rain is blowing A/C#  in your face
 C And the whole world is G  on your case
 Gm I could offer you a D  warm embrace
 E7 To make you G/A  feel m D  y love
 D When the evening shadows and the A  stars appear
 C And there is no one there to G  dry your tears
 Gm I could hold you for a D  million years
 E7 To make you G/A  feel m D  y love
 G I know you haven't made your D/A  mind up yet
 D(aug)/F# But I would n Eb/G ever do yo Bb  u wrong
 G I've known it from the moment D  that we met
 E No doubt in my E7  mind where you  A  belong
 D I'd go hungry I'd go A/C#  black and blue
 C I'd go crawling down the G  avenue
 Gm No, there's nothing that I D  wouldn't do
 E7 To make you G/A  feel m D  y love
 D   A/C#   C   G   Gm   D   E7   G/A   D 
 G The storms are raging on the D  rolling sea
 D(aug) And on the  Ebmaj7 highway of  Bb  regret
 Gmaj7 The winds of change are blowing wild D  and free
 Em You ain't seen Em7  nothing like m A e yet   A7       D/A         A7 
 D I could make you happy make your A/C#  dreams come true
 C Nothing that I G  wouldn't do
 Gm Go to the ends of the D  earth for you
 E7 To make you G/A  feel m D  y love
 E7 To make you G/A  feel m D  y love


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