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 C Oh the rag-man draws c Am ircles Up C  and down the bl Am  ock.
I'd  C ask him what the  Am matter was Bu F t I know that he don't  G7  talk.
And the la F dies treat me ki C ndly And fu Am rnish me with t C  ape
But  Am deep inside my hea C rt I k F now I can't esc C  ape
[Refrain :]
 Em  Oh Mama, Can this really be the end ?
To be s C tuck ins Em ide of Mob Am ile, wi C th the Me F mphis blues aga C  in ?
 C Well, Shakespeare, he's in the alle Am y With his po C inted shoes and his b Am  ells.
Spea C king to a French  Am girl, Who say F s she knows me we G7  ll.
And I woul F d send a message C  To find ou Am t if she's talk C  ed,
But  Am the post office has be C en stolen F  And the mail box is  C  locked.
 C Mona tried to tell me To st Am ay far away C  from the railroad  Am  line.
She  C said that all the Am  railroad men F  Drink your blood like  G7  wine.
An'I said  F "Oh, I didn't kno C w that But then  Am again there's only one I've  C  me
An'h Am e just smoked my ey C elids An'punc F hed my cigarett C  e"
 C Grandpa died last wee Am k And now he C 's buried in the Am  rock
But  C everybody tal Am k about How b F adly they were shoc G7  ked.
But me I e F xpected it to ha C ppen I knew Am  he'd lost cont C  rol
When Am  he built a fire o C n main street A F nd shot it full of h C  oles.
 C Now the senator came  Am down here Show C ing everyone his Am  gun.
Hand C ing out free tic Am kets To F  the wedding of his son G7  .
An'me I ne F arly got busted  C An wouldn't Am  it be my luck  C 
To g Am et c(aug)ht withou C t a ticket A F nd be discovered beneath a C  truck
 C Now the preacher look Am ed so baffled When I  C asked him why he dr Am  essed
With C  twenty pounds of Am  headlines St F apled to his ch G7  est
But he cur F sed when I prove C d to him Then Am  I whispered not even you can hi C  de.
You  Am see you're just li C ke me I  F hope your satis C  fied
 C Now the rainman gave  Am me two cures The C n he said "Jump  Am  right in"
The  C one was Texas med Am icine The  F other railroad g G7  in.
An like a  F fool I mixed the C m An'it str Am angled up my mi C  nd
An'n Am ow people just get C  uglier An' F I have no sense of t C  ime.
 C When Ruthie says come Am  see her In  C her honkey-tonk  Am  lagoon,
Wher C e I can watch her Am  waltz for free F  'Neath her Panamanian  G7  moon.
An'I say,  F "Aw come on now  C You must kn Am ow about my deb C  utante."
An's Am he says, "Your deb C utante knows F  just what you  C  need
But I know what you want."
 C Now the bricks lay on Am  Grand Street Wh C ere the neon madmen c Am  limb
They C  all fall there s Am o perfectly.  F It all seems so well ti G7  med.
An'here I  F sit so patiently C  Waiting to f Am ind out what pr C  ice
You  Am have to pay to get C  out of Goi F ng through all these thing C  s twice


elnadino, version 1.0


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