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Intro : F   Bb   F   Bb   F   Bb   F   Bb 
I  F didn't mean Bb      F to treat you s Bb o  ba F  d
 Bb You shouldn't take F  it  Dm so  p C7  ersonal
I  F didn't mean Bb      F to make you s Bb o  s F  ad
Y Bb ou just hap F pened to b Dm e the C7 re, that's all     F      C7 
 Dm When I saw you say "goodbye" Am    to my friend and smile
 Gm   I thought that it was we F  ll understood
 Dm   That you'd be comin'back i Am  n a little while
 Gm     I didn't know that you were sa Bb  yin'"goodbye" for good
 C7         C11        C7       Gm7   But C11  ,
 F sooner or later,  Bb one of us must k F  now
 Bb  You just di F d what you're suppos C7  ed to do
 F Sooner or later, on Bb e of us must kn F  ow
That I rea Bb lly did F  try to get  C7  close to you
 F   Bb   F   Bb 
I couldn't see what you could show me
Your scarf had kept your mouth well hid
I couldn't see how you could know me
But you said you knew me and I believed you did
When you whispered in my ear
And asked me if I was leavin'with you or her
I didn't realize just what I did hear
I didn't realize how young you were
 F   Bb   F   Bb 
I couldn't see when it started snowin'
Your voice was all that I heard
I couldn't see where we were goin'
But you said you knew an'I took your word
And then you told me later, as I apologized
That you were just kiddin'me, you weren't really from the farm
An'I told you, as you clawed out my eyes
That I never really meant to do you any harm
 F   C   Bb   F   Bb   F   C7   F 


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