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Ca  n't you hear that ro  oster cro  win' ?  
  Rabbit runnin'down ac  ross the road
Unde  rneath the bridge where the w  ater flowed throug  h     
  So happy just to   see you smile
Undern  eath the sky of bl  ue
On this n  ew mo  rning, n  ew mor  ning
On this n  ew mo  rning with y  ou                
Can't you hear that motor turnin' ?
Automobile comin'into style
Comin'down the road for a country mile or two
The ni  ght passed away so q  uickly
I  t always does when you're w  ith me
Can't you feel that sun a shinin' ?
Ground hog runnin'by the country stream
This must be the day that all of my dreams come true
Refrain (2x)
New morning. . .


marthival, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2007-11-18
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