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Paroles :Bob Dylan
Musique :John Corigliano
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"  There must be some way o  ut of her  e" s  aid the joker to the thie  f           
"There's too much conf  usion  , I   can't get no relie  f"          
"Business men, they d  rink my wine  , pl  owmen dig my ear  th          
None of them al  ong the lin  e kn  ow what of any of it is wort  h"          
"No reason to get exc  ited  " th  e thief he kindly spo  ke          
"There are many here am  ong u  s wh  o feel that life is but a joke              
But, you and I, we've b  een thru tha  t an  d this is not our fat  e            
So, let us not talk f  alsely now,   the   hour getting lat  e"           
All along the w  atchtower  , Pr  incess kept the vie  w            
While all the women c  ame and went  , ba  refoot servants too               
Outside in the d  istanc  e a   wildcat did grow  l            
Two riders were app  roaching  , th  e wind began to how  l             


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