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Intro : F   Bb   F   Bb 
 F When Bb  she said, "Don' F t waste you Bb r words, they're j F ust lies Bb ," I cried she F  was deaf.
And she wo Bb rked on my F  face until  Bb breaking my ey F es, Then said, Bb  "What else you  F  got left ?"
It was t Am hen that I got up to leave But she said, "Don't forget Gm  ,
Ev'ryb F ody must  Bb give something ba F ck Fo Bb r something they g F et." Bb       F      Bb 
 F I st Bb ood there and F  hummed, I  Bb tapped on h F er drum  Bb and asked her  F  how come.
And she  Bb buttoned her F  boot, And s Bb traightened her su F it, Then s Bb he said, "Don't  F  get cute."
So I  Am forced my hands in my pockets And felt with my thumbs, Gm 
And  F gallantly  Bb handed her  F My ver Bb y last peice of gu F m.   Bb       F      Bb 
 F She t Bb hrew me ou F tside, I Bb  stood in t F he dirt w Bb here ev'ry-o F  ne walked.
And  Bb after finding F  I'd F Bb orgotten my shi F rt,  Bb I went back a F  nd knocked.
I  Am waited in the hallway, she went to get it, And I tried to make sense Gm  ,
Out of that p F icture of Bb  you in your whe F elchair That  Bb leaned up against. F ..   Bb       F      Bb 
 F Her  Bb Jamaican F  rum And Bb  when she di F d come Bb , I asked her f F  or some.
She  Bb said, "No, F  dear." I said,  Bb "Your words aren't cle F ar, You'd bet Bb ter spit out y F  our gum."
She  Am screamed  till her face got so red, Then she fell on the floor Gm  ,
And I  F covered her  Bb up and then Tho F ught I'd g Bb o look through her drawe F r.   Bb       F      Bb 
 F And w Bb hen I was F  through, I Bb  filled up F  my shoe Bb  And brought i F  t to you.
And you,  Bb you took me F  in, Bb  You loved me th F en,  Bb You didn't wa F  ste time.
And I, I  Bb never took F  much, I never Bb  asked for your crut F ch, No Bb w don't ask for  F mine Bb .     F 


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