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 C What's the matter with the cl E  othes I'm wearing ?
"Can't You  Bb tell that your tie's too wide  F  ?"
 C Maybe I should bye some o E  ld tab collar ?
"Welcome  Bb back to the age of j F  ive.
 Em Where have you been hiddin'o Am  ut lately, honey ?
You  Em can't dress trashy till you  D spend a lot of  G  money"
 C Everybody  Em talking 'bout the  Bb  new sound.
 F Funny, but it's  Am still rock and  G roll to  C  me.
 C What's the matter with the  E  car I'm driving ?
Can't  Bb tell it's out of st F  yle ?"
 C Should I get a set of  E  white wall tires ?
"Are you  Bb gonna cruise the miracle mi F  le ?
 Em Nowadays you cant't be  Am  too sentimental.
Your  Em best bet's a true baby,  D blue Conti G  nental."
 C Hot funny,  Em cool punk  Bb even if it's  F  old junk,
it's  Am still rock and r G oll to m C  e.
 C Oh    G  it doesn't matter what they  F  say in the papaers,
'cause it's  E always been the same old scene. Am 
There's a  G new band in town but you  F  can't get the sound
from a  E story in a magazine. Ab 
 Eb aimed at your average teen.  F            G 
 C How about a pair of  E  pink sidewinders
and a  Bb bright orange pair of pant F  s ?
 C "Well, you could really be a  E  Beau Brummel baby,
if you  Bb just give it half a chan F ce.    Em 
Don't waste your money on a  Am  new set of speakers.
You  Em get more milage from a  D cheaper pair of  G  sneakers."
 C Next phase,  Em new wave,  Bb dance trace,  F  anyways
it's  Am still rock and  G roll to me. C 
 G   F   E   Am   G   F   E7   Ab   Eb   F   G 
 C What's the matter with the  E  crowd I'm seeing ?
"Don't  Bb know that they're out of toug F  h ?"
 C Should I try to be a str E  aight 'A'student ?"
If You Bb  are, then you think too much F ."      Em 
 Em "Don't you know about the  Am  new fashion, honey ?
 Em All you need are looks and a  D whole lota  G  money."
It's the  C next phase,  Em new wave,  Bb  dance trace; anyways
it's  Am still rock and  G roll to me C .           C 
 C Everybody's  E talking about the  Bb  new sound.
Funny, but it's  G still rock and roll to m C9  e.


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