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Intro :            (x2)
  You're the r  eason I   started b  ack at the start                       
  You're the r  eason it   feels li  ke I'm falling apart                      
  All this trouble and all this desire
  And all the battles I won  
  You're the r  eason I   did the th  ings that I've done                     
  You're the r  eason the stars   keep on sh  ining above                     
  You're the r  eason now   I know the p  ain of your love                     
  Things keep changing things keep ending
  And all I can do is just laugh  
  You're the r  eason all   of this h  appened so fast               
  You l  ooked in my e  yes and s  aw through every day disg  uise
  You're the reason I   had to start telling lies                    
  You're the r  eason I   will be m  oving along                     
  You're the r  eason I   have to k  eep keeping on                     
  So uncertain so exciting
  Now I got you u  nder my skin  
  You're the r  eason I   won't be l  etting him in                    
  I turn round' the   bend
And y  ou said that you were my f  riend
  You're the reason e  verything's going to end                     
  You're the r  eason I   got the n  otion to run              
  You're the r  eason I   flew too c  lose to the sun              
  The light you   bring   I want to feel it ag  ain
  You're the reason I   don't know where to begin                     


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