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Intro :                             
O  utside h  er wi  ndow th  at's where I am every
n  ight and e  very d  ay.
A  nd outs  ide he  r win  dow I cry  yyyyy  yyy my   life
a  --way  .
T  here's a j  ukebox playing just a h  alf a b  lock
down sa  ying I'm going to the river gonna jump
right in and d  rown.
B  ut I ain't gonna do that girl no   no I'  ll
just on h  anging ar  ound.
E  ven though it's (all ov  er) can't you hea  r me?
(all o  ver.)
Don't you bel  ieve me (all over)  now   now
now now now now now now now now now n  ow.
O  utsid  e her   win  dow a p  rett  y bird   come to play  .     
And I k  now I c  ried I   cried a t  ear.
I   must have scared t  hat pretty little t  hing
that pretty little thing a  way yes I d  id.  
W  hen I see two young lovers walking d  own the street
yes indeed..  .          who  a how it kills me whe  n I
s  ee their two lips m  eet.  
Then I p  ass m  y hand   right over where my he  art on  ce
used to b  e.
And you know i  t's...    all   over  ) I wonde  r do you
bel  ieve me (all o  ver.)
I don't think you underst  and me (it's all over)
oh y  es it is.
N  ow now now now now now now now now now now now.)
I've got to say it j  ust one more time n  ow.
(all o  ver.)
Soembody help me tell myself it's o  ver..(all o  ver)
yes it i  s..(it's all o  ver.)
N  ow now now now now n  ow now now now now
n  ow now)...


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