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Intro :              
Well my   heart has   fall  en dow  n
Thought I'd   talked my  self   around  
But to   be myself completely I've just   got   to    le  t you   down  
Well I   knew I'd   say   goodby  e
Though it's   not my   time   to cry  
And   forever and for no one I will   let it   all go   by
And to   be myself completely I've just   got   to  say   goodb  ye    
  Z-list star in a hundred grand garrett
  The ladies say, "Hey baby, you've earned it !"
  I'm not so sure, I   toured the land
  You could call it work if you count the band
  Still your voice calls out to me
  Escort me to the harmony
  I'm not sure what I will be
  Find me in a bitter sweet h  ello
Well my heart has fallen down
Thought I'd talked myself around
Though we say goodbye and wonder
What's to know and who's to blame
But to be myself completely I will love you just the same.


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2007-05-31
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