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Intro :         (x4)
  The Eastern worl  d,  it   is explodin'
  Violence flarin  ',  bullet   s loadin'
Yo  u're old enough to kill  ,  but not fo   r votin'
  You don't believe in wa  r,  but what's that gun you'   re totin'
  And even the Jordan River h  as bodies fl   oatin'
   But you tell me
  Over and   over an  d over again, m   y friend
Ah, you do   n't believe
We're   on the eve of   destruction  .                        ...
Do  n't you understand what I'  m trying to   say ?
Ca  n't you feel the fears I'  m feelin'to   day ?
  If the button is pushed, there's   no runnin'a   way
Th  ere'll be no one to save  , with the world in a    grave
   Take a look around you, boy
It's bo   und to scare you, boy.
  Yeah, my blood's so mad, feels   like co   agulatin'
  I'm sittin'here jus  t conte   mplatin'
  You can't twist the truth, it   knows no r   egulation.
  Handful of senators don't   pass le   gislation
  And marches alone can't   bring in   tegration
  When human respect i  s disin   tegratin'
  This whole crazy   world is just to   o frustratin'
Th  ink of all the hate there   is in Red   China
  Then take a look around to   Selma,    Alabama
  You may leave here   for 4 days in   space
  But when you return, it's the   same old   place
  The poundin'of the drum, the   pride and di   sgrace
  You can't bury your dead, bu  t don't leave    a trace
  Hate your next-door neighbour, bu  t don't forget t   o say prayers.


François08, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2011-03-15
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