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 F I remember all my lif Fmaj7 e,    ra F ining down as cold as ice  Fmaj7 
 Cm Shadows of a m Cm7 an, fa Gm ce through a w Gm7  indow
 Cm Crying in the  Cm7 night, Gm  the night goes  Gm7  into
 F Morning, just another da Fmaj7 y,    ha F ppy people pass me way    Fmaj7 
 Cm Looking in their  Cm7 eyes,  Gm I see a memor Gm7  y
 Cm I never real Cm7 ized,  G how happy you mad Gmaj7 e me
Oh, M Bb andy, well you cam Gm e and you gave Cm7  without talk F  ing
But I s Cm7  ent you away
Oh, M Bb andy, well you kis Gm sed me and stop Cm7 ped me from shakin F  g
And I ne Cm7  ed you today, oh Mandy
I'm F  standing on the edge of ti Fmaj7 me,    I F  walked away when love was mine   Fmaj7 
 Cm Caught up in a  Cm7 world,  Gm of uphil Gm7  l climbing
 Cm Tears are in my  Cm7 eyes,  G and nothing is  Gmaj7 rhyming
Instrumental : Gm   F   Gm   Bb   Cm   F 
 Cm Yesterday's a  Cm7 dream, I face Gm  the mor Gm7  ning
 Cm Crying on a  Cm7 breeze, the G  pain is Gmaj7  dawning


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