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  Life is   a moment t  o space, when t  he dream   is gone
I'ts a l  onelier p  lace
  I kiss the morning goodbye,   but down i  nside
You know we never know w  hy.
  The road is   narrow and   long, whe  n eyes me  et eyes
And the f  eeling is s  trong
  I turn away from the   wall,   I stumble and fall   
  But I give you it   all.
  I am a   woman in   love and I  'd do   anything
To get you   into my   world and   hold you   within
It's a r  ight I   defend, over and over   again (What do I do ?)
  With you   eternall  y mine,   in love t  here is
No m  easure of   time
  We planned it all at the   start, that you an  d I
Live in each other's h  eart.
  We may be   oceans   away, yo  u feel   my love
I h  ear what you   say
  No truth is ever a   lie,   I stumble and fall  
  But I give you it   all.


François08, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2011-02-12
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