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Intro :            (2x)
  You knew in five minut  es - I   knew in a sent  ence
  You knew in five minut  es - I   knew in a sent  ence
  So why do we go -   through all of this a  gain ?
Your eyes are flutter  in'- Such pretty wings.
A m  oth, flyin'into t  he - Same old flame ag  ain
  It never ends
  It's not like I dropped the b  omb,
  on my conscience,   mom
  Takes fightin'day and night  
  to make such a good thing   die
  Out, everyone out - I   give too much shit a h N.C. ome
In my heart and m  ind - It gets me every time
  So why do we go - T  hrough all this shit a  gain
Your eyes are Flutter  in'- Such pretty wings.
A   moth flyin'into me N.C.  -The same old flame again
  It never ends


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