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Capo I
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Intro :      (x2)
  Here, if it's   any conselatio  n, take mine     
  No, no need fo  r explanations  , it's alright   
  With me it would only   be redundant, see
  If you only try to keep it all insi   de
  I lay me down with    your decision
   Blow your mind, don't hesitate
   This devil takes your pain away
   Take mine
  But now that I have finall   y found you
  I'm gonna take it one step at a time   
  Let's try to keep this goo   d thing going
   You tell a joke, I nearly die
   We have to laugh until we cry
  Take mine, please take mine  
  My margarita chum, that's what you a   re
   I'm laughing my ass off when you sing
   Everybody's happy now
  The Luna-queens become the lunatic   
   While Janis Joplin tells her friend
   He's just a one-night stand
  I hear you retching in my   bedroom, bu  t I don't mind   
  No, I'll clean it up tomor  row, just   sit down        
  Again you choke me wh   en you grumble
  You and me we're so much like R   G
  And now I'll show y   ou how to tango
   I think it's time for us to say
  That this has been a perfect day and   retire, please r   etire
  My margarita chum, that's what you    are
   I'm laughing my ass off when you sing
   Everybody's happy now
  A v.i.p. is what you are to m   e
  I love it when you take me on your lonely    Sunday stroll
  Ohoho  hoh...           


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