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Intro : Bm   F#   Bm   F#   G   D   F# 
        G    D    G    D    E   A   F# 
 Bm  those that will judge will say you're aloof
 Bm but you know the truth is a seed you know what you ne E  ed
is a conflagra A tion    F#7 
cause when  Bm  I see your blood and the bits of your broken tooth
it g Bm ives me the proof that I need it's the proof that you  E  bleed
and it's a reve A lation / yeah it's a revel D ation / it's a revelat F#7 ion    F# 
I D  thought you were a  G life-si Bm zed p A  aper doll
p D ropped up in the  G hardwa Bm re st A  ore
p D ropped up on the  G front  Bm lawn w A  atching the parade
of those  D legionnaires with  G two  Bm by fo A  urs
As they're marching off to w Bm ars   E 
Yeah they're marching off to w A ars    F#7 
 Bm I didn't know what you were ma F#7  de of
 Bm color of your blood what you're afr F#7  aid of
 G are you made of calcium or a D  re you carbon based
cause if you're m F# ade of calcium I'll ha G  ve to take a taste
'Cause listen,  G calcium is deadly, but t D  ender to the tooth
but it's one s G ure-fire way to know if you're m D  x-missile proof
oh  E no, or if you're just aloof A        A7 
 Bm and you were in the ground in late Nov F#7  ember
 Bm though the leaves and earth were d F#7  amp
did you  G think they would rem D  ember
h F# ow you almost made st G  ate champ
and when you're r G unning for the game against Al D  fonsus
and you fel G l up on the ground and chipped your t D  ooth
li E  sten, that might really have surprised us
to l A earn that maybe you weren't really mx-mis A7  siles proof
whoa, I thou D ght you were a life-sized  A  paper doll
and you're  D propped up in the hardware s A  tore
you were pro D pped up on the front lawn wa A  tching the parade
of those  D legionnaires with two by f A  ours
as they're marching off to w G ars  A      D 
yeah they're marching off to w G ars  A      D 
Ohh they're  G march D innnnng A gg.   D 


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Dernière modification : 2007-03-06
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