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Intro : Em7   Bm   Em7   Bm 
There's just no way to  Em7  say "How much I love you"
You never make me c Bm  ry and that's just fine
I've only got my f Em7  ear to burn above me
We know we all get sc Bm  ared from time to time
Love me with you Bm7 r head and heart, love me from th Em7  e place it starts
Love me with you Bm r head and h Bm7 eart, love me like a ch Em  ild
There's just no way to play the things I'm feelin'
No way to tell you all the things you mean
Every day I only feel like stealin'
Away to where I know I can be free
Layin'down the ways to say I need you
Scared of lookin'tall and feelin'small
Runnin'through the days I have beside you
Scared of bein'wrong that's it all


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2007-03-08
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