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Intro :             
  I got a f  riend he lives   down in old A  lbuquerque
  We used to w  atch the sun com  ing up toget  her
  But he was h  ungry then and h  e got restl  ess
  I heard he t  ook a wife, I thi  nk her name is Heather   
  All of a   sudden I'm   driving in the   rain
  With the Santa Fe   horizon c  alling out my   name
  Should have done   it sooner, n  ow I know it's t  ime
Cause w  e said a lot o  f things, but   we never said   goodbye
  We were a t  eam, we   were the best   of friends
  We had a w  orld were no-  one else could   find us
  The summer p  assed, Septe  mber came too   soon
  And su  ddenly that world wa  s all behind us  
  Driving   through the night with no  thing on my   mind
  But the   thought of catching up wi  th a ghost I left   behind
  Don't know   what I'll do but I   know I've got to tr  y
Cause w  e said a lot o  f things, but   we never said g  oodbye
  I drove 1  000 miles ch  asing a memory  
  But all t  he pieces of what   used to be h  ave shattered
  And all t  he little things   that used to mea  n so much
  I look   around me now an  d see that they don't   matter
  All of a   sudden I'm   driving home   again
  Cause   sometimes goodbye is   better left u  nsaid
  The Santa Fe   horizon w  ill know the rea  son why
I   said a lot of t  hings to you, b  ut I never sai  d goodbye


Sébastien_Ricard, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2012-08-15
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