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I'm ly  ing alone with   my head on the phone,
Th  inking of you 'til it   hurts
I   know you hurt too, but what   else can we do,
Torm  ented and      torn   apart.
I w  ish I could carry your sm  ile in my heart,
For t  imes when my life seem  s so low.
It   would make me believe what   tomorrow could bring,
  When today doesn't really know, doesn'  t really   know.
  I'm all out of love, I'm so   lost with you,
I   know you were right, believing for   so long.
  I'm all out of love, what a  m I without you,
I c  an't be to late to say that I   was so w  rong.
I w  ant you to come back and   carry me home,
Aw  ay from these long, lonely night  s.
I'm   reaching for you. Are you   feeling it too ?
Does the   feeling   seem oh, so   right ?
  And what would you say   if I called on you now,
  And said that I can't   hold on ?
  There's no easy way, it gets ha  rder each day,
  Please love me or I'll be gone.  I'  ll be gon  e.
O  ooo... What   are you thinking o  f
What are you thinking   of
  What are you thinkin  g of
What are you thinking   of               


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2006-10-11
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