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Paroles et musique :Adele Adkins
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F  ound myself tod  ay singing   out loud your n  ame
you said I  'm crazy if I am   I'm cra  zy for   you                       
S  ometimes sitting i  n the dark w  ishing you were h  ere
turns me c  razy but it's y  ou who makes me l  ose my head                      
A  nd every time I'm m  eant to be a  cting sensib  le
you d  rift into my head and turn me i  nto a cr  umbling fool                      
T  ell me to run and I'll race if you wa  nt me to stop I'll freeze
and if you a  re me are gonna leave just hold me c  loser baby
and make me
C  raaaaa  aaaaaa  aaaazy  
for you                     
C  raaaaa  aaaaaa  aaaazy  
for you                     
L  ately with this st  ate I'm in I c  an't help myself   but spin
I wis  h you'd come over s  end me spinning c  loser to you                     
M  y oh my how m  y blood boils a s  weet taste for yo  u
s  trips me down bare and gets me i  nto my favorit  e moo  d                 
I   keep on tryin f  ightin these f  eelings aw  ay
but the m  ore I do the crazier   I tur  n into                      
p  acing floors and op  ening doors
h  oping you'll walk through and s  ave me boy
because i'm tooooooo
C  raaaaaa  aaaaa  aaaazy  
for you                     
C  raaaaa  aaaaaa  aaaazy    
for you                     


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