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recherche partitions
« le: octobre 31, 2007, 03:41:43 pm »
je recherche partition de Brian Adam la toune HEAVEN


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Re : recherche partitions
« Réponse #1 le: octobre 31, 2007, 06:32:27 pm »
 la voici

(c)oh,  (am) thinking  about all  our   (g) younger years
there vas (dm) only you and (am) me,
we were (dm) youg and wild and  (g)  free
(c) now, (am) nothing can take you a (g) way from me
we' ve been (dm) dow that road be (am) fore
but that's (dm) over now, you keep me (g) comin' back for more
(f) baby you' re (g) all that i  (am) lieve we're in  (g) heaven
(f) and love is  (g) all that i  (am) need
and i  (c) found it here in your  (f) heart
(f) it insn't too  (g) hard to  (am) see we're in  (g) heaven
(c) oh, (am) once in your life you  (g) find  someone
who will (dm) turn your world a (am) roud
bring you (dm) up when you're feeling  (g) down
(c) yeah,  (am) nothing  could change what you  (g) mean to me
oh there's (dm) lots that i could  (am) say
but just (dm) hold me now, cause our (g) love will light the way
(c: chorus)
(dm) i' ve been waiting for so  (f) long
for (c) something to  (am) arrive
for (dm) love come a  (g)  long
(dm) now our dreams are coming  (f) true
through the  (c) good times and  the (am) bad
(g) yeah, i'll be standing there by you

bonne gratte. ;) huguenot