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Paroles : Marianne Groves
Musique : Maxime Nouchy
Capo III
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 Em Thank you for pr Am  etending that
You can see me  Em  in the dark
As if I was mak Am  ing sense
And what I meant, is this Em  what you really heard ?
[Refrain 1 :]
'Cause  C baby baby b Cm  aby
I'll  Am  be what I wanna be
 C Crazy as it ma Cm  y be
I'll  Am  die when I wanna
[Refrain 2 :]
 Em Lies set me fr Am  ee
Lies keep me from  Em  my fear
Lies believe in m Am  e
Lies heavenly  Em  shelter
 Em Thank you for pr Am  etending that
I don't cry and I  Em  don't care
That my heart is  Am  made of clay
And I will keep sai Em  lling away
[Refrain 1]
[Refrain 2]
 C Thank you for p Cm  retending that
I  Am  got some skin around my bones
 C Thank you for p Cm  retending that
I'll Am  never ever ever let you go
 Em   Am   Em   Am 
[Refrain 2]
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