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 D Maybe I didn't love you A 
 Bm   Quite as oft D en as I could G  have         A 
 D And maybe I didn't treat you A 
 Bm   Quite as good D  as I should have  Em7 
 G If I made you feel second best D 
 G   Girl, I'm sorry D  I was blind Em 
 A But you we A7 re always on my mind
 D  You  G were always  A7 on my mind       D          G      A 
 D Maybe I didn't hold you A 
 Bm   All those lonel D y, lonely tim G es        A 
 D And I guess I never told you A 
 Bm   I'm so happy th D at you're mine    Em7 
 G Little things I should have s D aid and done
 G     I just never took D  the time    Em 
 A You were  A7 always on my mind D 
 G     You were A7  always on my mind         D         G      A 
 D Tell    Bm  me    G  Tell me that your swee D t love hasn't d Em ied     G      A7 
 D Give    Bm  me  Give me  G one more chance D  to keep you satisfied     Em 
I'll A  keep you satisfi D  ed
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