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Intro : D   G   D   G 
 D I'm  G    waitin'for my m D an   G 
 D Twenty six dollars  G  in my h D and  G 
 D Up to Lexington, O F#  ne two five,
 G Feel sick and dirty more de A  ad than alive
 D I'm  G    waitin'for my ma D n    G 
 D Hey white boy G ,  what you doin'uptow D n ?  G 
 D Hey white boy, G     you chasin'our women arou D nd ? G 
 D Oh pardon me sir, it's fu F#  rthest from my mind,
 G I'm just lookin'for a dear de A  ar friend of mine
 D I'm    G    waitin'for my man D      G 
 D Here he comes G ,    he's all dressed in bl D ack  G 
 D P.R. shoes  G    and big straw h D at   G 
 D He's never early, h F#  e's always late
 G First thing you learn is th A  at you always gotta wait
 D I'm   G   waitin'for my ma D n    G 
 D Up to a brownstone,  G    up three flights of st D airs G 
 D Everybody's pinned   G     you but nobody ca D res  G 
 D He's got the works, gi F#  ves you sweet taste
 G Ah then you got to split cau A  se you got no time to waste
 D I'm  G    waitin'for my ma D n    G 
 D Baby don't you holler,  G  darlin'don't you bawl and sh D out  G 
 D I'm feelin good,    G  you know I'm gonna work it on  D out  G 
 D I'm feelin good, I fe F#  el oh so fine
 G Until tomorrow, but that's j A  ust another time
 D I'm  G    waitin'for my ma D n    G 
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