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 C Tonight you're mine com F plete G  ly
 G You give your love so Dm  swee G  tly
Ton E ight the light of  Am  love is in your eyes
 F But will you G  love me C  tomorrow ?
 C Is this a lasting  F treasu G  re
 C Or just a moment's  Dm pleasur G  e ?
Can  E I beleive the Am  magic of your sighs ?
 F Will you still G  love me C  tomorrow ?
 F Tonight with words u Em  nspoken
 F You say that I'm the only C  one
 F But will my heart b Em  e broken
When the n F ight meets the  D morning F  sun G   ?
 C I'd like to know that  F your lo G  ve
 C Is love I can be  Dm sure  G  of
So t E ell me now, and Am  I won't ask again
 F Will you still G  love me  C  tomorrow ?
 F Will you still G  love me  C  tomorrow ?...
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