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Paroles et musique : Michael Phillip Jagger, Keith Richards
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 D  I'm givin'you a piece of my mind
 B7  There's no charge of any kind
 A  Try a very simple test
 F#m  You should just retrace your steps
[Refrain :]
And think  E  back, back a little bit baby, back, back alright.
 A7  Think, think, think back baby
Think, think back a bit girl
Think, think, think back baby
 E Tell me who's fault was that, b A7  abe ? (x2)
 D  Think about a year ago
 B7  How we lived I'll never know
 A  Connin'people for a dime
 F#m  Here's another piece of my mind
 D  Take a look inside yourself
 B7  You're not really someone else
 A  Still, I am the same old me
 F#m  You say I lack maturity
But think  E  back, back a little bit baby, back, back, alright
 D  We're not children anymore
 B7  We don't need to play with toys
 A  Take a look and you will find
 F#m  You're gettin'old before your time
 E  I said think You'd better think back a little bit.
I said think. What about last year and the year before ?
I said think. You promised me so much.
I said think. Doncha 'member what you said ?
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