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Paroles et musique : Marian Faithfull, Michael Phillip Jagger, Keith Richards
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Intro : Am7   Am   Am7   Am 
 Am7 Here I l Am ie in my  Am7 hospital b Am  ed
 D(sus2) Tell me, Sister Mo Am rphine, when are you D(sus2)  coming round a Am  gain ?
 G Oh, and I don't think I can wait that l F  ong
 C Oh you see    I G 'm not that stro F  ng
 Am7   Am   Am7   Am 
The  Am7 scream of the a Am mbulance is  Am7 sounding in my  Am  ears
 D(sus2) Tell me, Sister M Am orphine, h D(sus2) ow long have I been lying Am  here ?
 G What am I doing in this pl F  ace ?
 E Why does the doctor have no f F  ace ?
 G Oh, I can crawl across the f F  loor
Can't you  Am see, Sister Mor F phine,
I'm trying to s Am core.  Am7        Am       Am7        Am 
Well it  Am7 just goes to s Am how things are  Am7 not what they s Am  eem
 D(sus2) Please, Sister  Am Morphine, turn my  D(sus2) nightmares into d Am  reams.
 G Oh can't you see I'm fading f F  ast ?
And the  Am big shot    F  will be my la Am st.   Am7        Am       Am7        Am 
 Am7 Sweet cousin c Am ocaine, lay your  Am7 cool cool hands on my Am  head
 D(sus2) Oh c'mon Sister Mo Am rphine, better  D(sus2) make up my b Am  ed
Cos  G you know and I know in the m F  orning I'll be dead
You can  Am sit around and wa F tch all the cl E ean white sheets stained Am  red.
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