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Paroles et musique : Robert Bateman, Wilson Pickett, William Nelson Sanders
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 G If you need me why dont you c D  all me ?
Said, if you n G eed me, why don't you  C  call me ?
Don't wait too l G ong, when things go w D  rong,
I'll be t Em here, yeah, where I belo G ng.   D      D7 
Said if you w G ant me, why don't you s D  end for me ?
Said if you w G ant, want,  G7  want..
All you gotta do is s C  end for me.
Don't wait to l G ong, just  pick up your p D  hone..
I'll be  Em there..right there, where I belo G ng.  D 
 G People always told me, darling, t D  hat you didn't mean me no good.
 G But I know deep d G7 own in my heart, I do C ne the b C7 est I c C  ould.
And  G  one of these days, darling, it won't be long,
 D  You're gonna come walking through that door.
And I k Em  now in my mind these are the very words you're
 G Gonna say to m D e... D7 
I still  G love you..always thinking of y D  ou.
I still  G love, love, lo G7 ve...always thinking of  C  you.
Don't wait too  G long, when things go w D  rong,
I'll be  Em there, right there, where I belo G ng.  D      D7       G      C      G 
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