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 E They asked me how I  A  knew
 Bb7 My true love was  E true, Ab  ah.. A  .
 Bb(dim) I of course repl E/B  ied
"Something here in F#m7  side
 B Cannot be den E  ied"
Dou dou do C#m7 u, dou dou dou, A  dou dou dou  B  ouah !
 E They said "Someday you'll  A  find
 B All who love are bl E ind,  Ab ah... A 
 Bb(dim) When you heart's on f E/B  ire
You don't real F#m7  ise
 B Smoke gets in your  E eyes A "    E      G7 
 C  So I chaffed and I gaily laughed
To think they would doubt my l G7 ove   G6       G7 
 C Yet today, my love ha B(aug) s flown away B 
I am with E out my  B  love.
 E Now laughing friends d A  eride
Tears I cannot h E ide, Ab  ah.. A  .
 Bb(dim) So I smile and s E  ay
"When a lovely flame d B  ies
Smoke gets in your e E  yes
Smoke gets in your e Am  yes
Smoke gets in your e Am  yes
 Gbm Smoke gets in your E  e...yes"
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