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Paroles et musique :John Lennon, Paul McCartney
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 D  Joan was quizzical
 B7  Studied pathaphysical
Sc Em  ience in the home
 A7  Late night all alone
With a test tube,  D oh, oh, oh,  A7  oh.
 D  Maxwell Edison
 B7  Majoring in medecine
 Em  Calls her on the phone :
" A7  Can I take you out to the pictures
 D Jo-o-o- A  an ?"
But  E7  as she's getting ready to go
A k A7  nock comes on the door :
[Refrain :]
 D  Bang ! Bang ! Maxwell's silver hammer
Came  E7  down upon her head.
 A7  Clang ! Clang ! Maxwell's silver hammer
Made  Em7 sure that  A7 she was /D  dead /A .     /D 
 D   F#7   Bm   D7   G   /D   /A   /D 
 D  Back in school again
 B7  Maxwell plays the fool again
 Em  Teacher gets annoyed
 A7  Wishing to avoid
An unpleasant  D se-e-e- A7  en.
 D  She tells Max to stay
 B7  When the class has gone away
 Em  So he waits behind
 A7  Writing fifty times
"I must not be  D so-o-o- A  o"
But w E7  hen she turns her back on the boy
He  A7  creeps up from behind :
 D  P.C. thirty-one
 B7  Said "We got a dirty one"
 Em  Maxwell stands alone
 A7 Painting testimonial pictures,  D oh, oh, oh,  A  oh.
 D  Rose and Valerie
 B7  Screaming from the gallery
 Em  Say he must go free
The j A7  udge does not agree
And he tells them  D so-o-o- A  o
But  E7  as the words are leaving his lips
A  A7  noise comes from behind.
 D Sil - F#7  ver    Bm  ham - D7  mer,  G  ooh. /D       /A       /D 


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