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 D Try to see it D(sus4)   my  way D 
Do I have to  D(sus4) keep on talking C  till I can't g D  o on
 D Why do you see it D(sus4)  your  way D  '
 D There's a chance that  D(sus4) we might fall C  apart before to D  o long
 G We can work it D  out
 G We can work it A7  out
 D Think of what you're D(sus4)  say - ing D 
 D You can get it D(sus4)  wrong and still yo C u think that it's a D  ll right
 D Think of what I'm D(sus4)  say - ing D 
 D We can work it D(sus4)  out and get i C t straight or say go D  odnight
 G We can work it D  out
 G We can work it A7  out
 Bm Life is very short and there's no  Em time  F# 
For fussing and  Bm fighting my Bm/A  friend   Bm/G         F# 
 Bm I have always thought that it's a  Em crime F# 
So  F# I will Bm  ask yo Bm/A u once  Bm/G again   D7 
 D Try to see it D(sus4)  my way,   D 
Only time wil D(sus4) l tell if I am  C right or I am w D  rong.
 D While you see it  D(sus4) your way   D 
 D There's a chance that  D(sus4) we may fall a C part before too  D  long.
 G We can work it D  out
 G We can work it A7  out
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